Day 1: All over Paris

So first off, check out the room we’re staying in. It’s so adorable and tiny, I’ve been describing it as the clown car of apartments and it’s the best. Many thanks to Miranda for letting us crash in her sublet, and to her friend Vanessa for letting us crash in her home 🙂

also, world’s tiniest elevator! it supposedly fits two people, but Jon had a hard time fitting in there himself…


First stop of the day was breakfast, i.e. coffee/tea and croissants. Next we took the rail up to Montmarte. Cute neighborhood, pretty touristy. Found a wall of affections:


Then we climbed a sh*t ton of stairs up to La Basilique du Sacré Cœur, worth the view, I must say.


After that we found the Dali Museum. Really awesome collection, sculpture, mixed media work, video, paintings, sketches, all kinds of stuff. Lobster Telephone, Mae West’s lips as a couch, etc. My favorite sculpture was this guy:


Close second goes out to Mae West’s lips as a couch:


Also I Dali’d myself, as you do…


Then we wandered around looking for food. Miranda had to run off to clown school, Jon and I grabbed some food. Check out this egg-topped pizza (so crazy!):


Next we took the train to 3ème to check out Musée des arts et métiers, museum of science and technology. Saw some really cool stuff there, including some rad bikes:


Also, old computers, a video about how Walkmans are going to disrupt society forever, 3D printed skulls and optical illusions, and cardboard furniture.

From there we wandered around, walked through Pigalle (the Red Light District), Jardin Nelson Mandela, accidentally found ourselves in Les Halles (a mall), ducked into the Metro, and beelined for the country to meet up with Miranda. It was a lovely ride, Jon wouldn’t know because he napped most of it… I was awake the whole time… I swear…




An hour later we arrived at a cute little town called Étampes where Miranda’s school was. We met up with her after class and had beers and wine with her clown classmates. Lovely folks from all over the world! They taught us a fun dice game and Miranda and I ended up walking away from the last round tied for first with all of the winnings (woooo! …it was like €1.30). We caught the last train out of town and headed back home to pass out for the night.

I think I’ve caught up on jetlag… Jon seems to be doing better than I am :/ Here’s hoping after tonight I’ll finally be on Paris time…



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