Day 2: Museums, Parks, and More Museums

We started our second day in Paris by checking out some sweet palaces and monuments. We walked along the Seine a bit, saw some gold statues… and some tower thing in the background…

wpid-20150709_132028.jpg wpid-20150709_131936.jpg

Had some delicious burgers by the water…


and then headed towards the Louvre. We weren’t super set on seeing the entire Louvre, so instead we went to go check out the Musée Des Arts Décoratifs (textiles, furniture, etc). Requisite Louvre pictures first though:

wpid-20150709_150918.jpg wpid-20150709_1503450.jpg

Musée Des Arts Décoratifs had some cool stuff, particularly old toys, old clothes, an exhibit on the evolution of product design… and hella chairs. There are so many ways to make a chair. Wow.

wpid-20150709_162131.jpg wpid-20150709_161546.jpg wpid-20150709_161612.jpg wpid-20150709_162459.jpg


After that museum we decided to have a little picnic at the Jardin de Tuileries. It was gorgeous out.



We then decided to squeeze another museum into our day. We booked it over to the Palais de Tokyo, a contemporary art museum with some super badass exhibits.

“Gold wallpaper adorned with flocked motifs inspired by decorative Victorian patterns. Blossoming from the dust she patiently collected from Palais de Tokyo’s spaces, as well as from the sinuous catacombs and other symbolic places in Paris, and mixed with the ashes from the scraps of her previous works, she will in turn burn the scraps from Phoenix in Ruins to use them in a new creation, perpetuating an endless transformation.” Hannah Bertram
“Tianzhuo Chen uses a colourful, grotesque and kitsch imagery, dominated by direct references to drugs, LGBT hip hop, the London rave scene, Japanese Butoh, voguing in New York and the fashion world, to forge an intimate connection between his works and the collapse of moral attitudes and beliefs we see around us.”
A straightjacket made of bees’ wings. Patrick Neu.

That museum rocked. Glad they were open late!

We turned the corner after leaving the museum and found ourselves closer to the Eiffel, so here’s a few more photos of that…

wpid-20150709_212444.jpg wpid-1436479011105.jpg

and that was only day 2! Whew!


p.s. thanks again Miranda for putting us up! xxoo!



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