Day ? : No sleep till Copenhagen

Woke up crazy early this morning and caught our flight to Copenhagen. Our sleep schedule has been insane, many nights of staying up until the wee hours in both Berlin and Prague, breakfasts at 1pm, adventures and naps and more adventures. We’ve met so many awesome people, locals and travelers alike, I’ll post photos soon. The running joke is that we won’t actually be jetlagged when we get home because we’ve been living somewhat nocturnally 🙂

Copenhagen is super cute and clean and nice. We’re staying at the Generator Hostel, an adorable place with modern, comfy rooms and fun, chill public spaces. It’s raining a bit, which is a lovely change from the hot hot heat we came from in Prague.

I can’t believe we’re on our 6th (and final) city already. This trip has gone by so fast. Feeling immensely grateful to Mom for lending us some money to make this trip happen, it’s been really nice just putting life on hold for a bit. Love you mama!



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